Switched to WP after a long battle with Blogger platform

I have started a new WP. I have installed the following plugins:

  1. Keyy (Recommended by Gulshan).
  2. Really Simple SSL (Suggested by my fellow blogger).
  3. Litespeed cache (installed by default).
  4. Rankmath.
  5. Monsterinsights for GA.
  6. WP forms (default).
  7. All in one WP migration.

The site already has SSL and Cloudflare protection setup from hosting provider.

What else need to do to secure & improve the performance of the wp site?

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Best decision, congratulations! :+1:

Which theme are you using?


Thanks for the response.

I’m using socially viral premium theme.

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In starting days of using WordPress, it’s common to be addictive to 1000s plugins and theme, feeling like try every plugin which sounds good. Keep less plugin as possible as.

Less Plugins = Possibly, more secure + faster site.

Don’t let your blogging down due to any research of theme or plugin… Ask community.

Don’t burn whole day… if any error or issues comes post at HGK and we will try to solve.


Yes. I agree. For schema integration, breadcrumbs, 301 redirect, sitemap, 404 monitor and seo - I’m just using one plugin named Rankmath.

I was also aware of possible malware attack from plugins. Should I update plugins as soon as new version is released or I have to wait for reviews?

All plugin should be updated in the timely manner in two steps

  • Take first backup
  • Proceed update
  • If all good, keep else restore backup.
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I have few more questions.

Regarding minifying JavaScript and CSS, can I do it in my cache plugin or in cloud flare? or Should I choose to minify on both? I have attached a screenshot from Cloudflare.

Also, what I should do for Rocket loader and Mobile redirect at Cloudflare?

Do at one place to avoid any conflict.

Second… never forget to keep Backup… We can’t say when a host can get hacked or go rogue due to technical fault. So, it’s better to have always backup.


HiFi Bro :slightly_smiling_face:
I had also switched to wp in last week :blush:

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HiFi Brother!! :raised_hands:

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Just because of curiousness, I tried installing RankMath Plugin to one of the site. OMG! A big work is there still in Plugin Setup.
How many of you using RankMath Plugin for SEO Instead of Yoast?

@Crissdinesh, why are you using Rankmath? Any particular reason.

It took almost 5 hours for me to research everything for setting up all. Maybe I’m dead slow.

These below mentioned reasons helped me to start with Rankmath.

Source: Justbrightme

One additional thing I checked that at this time, Matthewwoodward.co.uk is using Rankmath.

This tool has an active official Facebook group and email support where I can get a solution if anything goes wrong.


5 hours = Loss of $$ :open_mouth:

You could have done setup of Yoast in just 15 minutes. It’s easy to understand.

This plugin is also good. It is used by all popular legend site.

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Minifying is not recommended. But, if you want, then remove comments and excess space manually.

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After setting up the initial wizard, there is an advanced settings mode for meta, rich snippets and more which took me a lot of time.

Yoast guys recommends to minify them https://yoast.com/video/ask-yoast-why-how-minify-js-and-css/

That created problems for me. That’s why telling you. BTW! It’s your blog, do what works best for it.

Can you list out the problems? It will help.

My Websites design got distorted due to this.

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@Crissdinesh Your AdPlacements are not good on any of your blog. I can see you’re still using Blogger for some of your blogs.