Switched to WP after a long battle with Blogger platform

I started new one. Not migration bro

Okay fine.

You can also use online tools to minify https://www.google.com/search?q=css+minifier&rlz=1C1GCEB_en&oq=css+minifier&aqs=chrome..69i57j0l5.2422j0j7&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8

This will save some more time.

Also install Cache enabler plugin by KeyCDN this will drastically reduce the TTFB

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Will this conflict with other cache plugin?

At one time, it is recommended to use one cache plugin to avoid any conflict.

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No it won’t conflict, its like a catalyst. But like the thumb rule, test and observe, if it works well then keep it.

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The table you showed shows RankMath is superior to Yoast SEO.

But the fact is, not even God can help rank up with not so good content.
It all depends on the content and only content.

Medium articles ranks without either of these plugins.
Ya Ya it’s because of the DA thing, but you know where I want you to think.

Anyways, how many of you guys write on Medium? (bad guys with link building motto - stay away)

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These plugin setups are just for good foundation to start blogging with passion without fail.


I observed several publishers hating on Medium and leaving their platform lately.

Would you prefer Ghost over Medium or anything else?

Medium and Ghost have different purposes; Medium is like YouTube of Articles, and Ghost is just another self-hosted blogging platform.

How about starting with Medium and grab their audience and then migrate to WordPress/Ghost.

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Many peoples done this and increased their traffic like hell

That’s because of their marketing.

But once you become a Medium member, everything changes.

It’s an holy place on the internet, but may be because of those jerks Medium had change their strategy. I am not against this, but people don’t understand that your content needs to provide some value. You take any number of links, but after reading the article, the reader should say, that was new.

Self hosted blogs require lot of management, you setup the website, bake the theme, start marketing and lookout for social media stunts to grab some traffic. In between that, you miss the content.

Whereas on medium, you have the super massive audience at your disposal, super elegant design already waiting for you so that you can focus only and only on content.


@supx I can also use a custom domain for my medium blog right?


It is not allowed now I think. Atleast a year back , they deactivated feature of adding custom domain .