Table of Content Plus Plugin for SEO

I’m very happy for creating first topic in this category. Thinking to install Table of Content Plus plugin and want to know your opinion about this plugin. Is this plugin help something in SEO?


Table of Content is a light weight plugin. If you have lots of content with proper heading structure, this plugin would be helpful in getting HTML jump link in the SERPs snippet. :slight_smile:


Very lightweight. And very good for sitelinks in SEO.

But u will have to use proper headings for this plugin to be useful.

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Mini-sitelinks looks amazing in the SERPs. :slight_smile:

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Thank you for your valuable suggestion, I just installed and activated but didn’t get what is the mean of Sitemap?

I have kept sitemap disabled in the table of content plugin. I feel it will cause duplication. I will PM u settings of this plugin.

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Thank you so much :grinning:

There are two types of Sitemap. XML is for search engine, and HTML version is for user that you can create using its Shortcode.

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I’m currently using TOC+ and is really good!!
Usually my articles are long so this really helps me out!!
TOC+ also gets few snippets though which I get a lot of traffic from SE.

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I hope, It will also help me :blush:

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Yes, Google is showing HTML jump link for my site on search engine page.

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Will manual jump links show up in serps as well?
Right now, I am using custom buttons with the following HTML.

<a class="jump-links-button button" href="#ID">Header name</a>
<div id="ID">

I used this plugin. It was simple and was a breeze to use. But I prefer adding my own TOC as I have better control over which heading gets included and which gets ignored.

But if this plugin is better for seo, I wouldn’t mind using it again. So which is better?


I also like manual way to have better control on Anchor text of HTML jump link.

Adding Jump link
<a href="#target-name">Anchor Text for Jump Link</a>

Then, edit post > add ID in the heading tag

From default

Replace to
<h2 id="target-name">Heading</h2>

It’s simple. :blush:


Thank you! Posted the code on purpose so someone can check for its accuracy. Yours is simpler.

One quick question - Will it be a problem if I have a sticky announcement bar and jump links? Will the links jump to the correct position? With WP admin bar, they seem to be slightly below and not jump to correct position.

In whole web page, wherever you want to keep jump link; it should work. Either in content, sidebar, or anywhere.

With WP Admin bar approx 20px goes hidden. BTW, for anonymous visitor we may disable WP Admin Toolbar bar.

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Has anyone added back to top jump link to take them back to the table of contents or will that be an overkill?

Of course people can scroll up if they want. I sometimes feel like I like to tweak my website more than posting content. :smiley:

They also show up in serps right? Just asking to confirm.

Table of content is much inspired thing for me from WikiPedia. :slight_smile: I consider helpful for long form content.

For instance, if we add jump link below the content, it would be just a formality perhaps to get those beautiful mini-sitelinks in Google SERPs. It will still work, but will kill the main purpose.

Your last question answer is - yes it can help you in same way for achieving mini-sitelinks in SERPs.

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Just reported by Wordfence that the plugin has been marked by compatibility & security issue. When checked WordPress TOC+ plugin page the following warning is displaying:

@GulshanKumar Is it safe to use this plugin?

It was a good experience with this plugin. I never faced any major issues. I am not using this plugin since long time, because I wanted to keep less plugin, and where ever possible I am trying to add manually; as described above.

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The method will work great for new posts but for existing posts, it is really hard.

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