Tax filing for bloggers

Hi All,

How do you file tax for blogging income? Can we use 44ADA, i.e. 50% of income taxable?

ITR filing is important for every professional.
All you need to consult a CA before due date. They will charge INR 1000-3000.
I do it every year from last four years.

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thanks, can we use 44ADA for advertising income, if you used it before?

I think CA can advise on that either use it or not based on your income.

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I did it under 44ada for the last 2 financial years.
But again as Gulshan said having a word with a CA helps.
It depends upon where your majority of income comes from.
If the majority comes from affiliates or royalties things might be different I guess.

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Thank you. It is only ad revenue.