Terms and conditions for Adsense Approval!


Dear Friends,

In recent days, I have seen many people are trying to become a blogger and their main concentration was to get an approval from Adsense.

I can see this trend is still growing more and spreading across many people pushing them to start a blog.

They are highly motivated and this strong desire pulls them to start a blog and with the half-cooked knowledge learned from the Internet, they do think themselves as they know what and how to blog?

After some days, they apply for Adsense, and Oh My God! They were rejected without reasons or some lavish reasons,
The blog does not comply with our policies.:expressionless::expressionless:

Ok, to them, let me first tell you the actual starting procedures to begin a perfect blogging.
Time take to prepare a plan: 1 - 2 Hrs
Investment: Up to Rs. 6000/-
Business Success: 95%
Time to Achieve: 60 - 70 Days

1.) Choose the niche based on your passion - no one is ready to hear this at least do it now (ASK ME HOW).

2.) Purchase a .COM domain name (Estimated Capital: Rs. 900 max)

3.) Purchase hosting from Managed WordPress Hosting such as NameCheap ($9 per year), A2Hosting (Estimated capital: Rs. 500 per month), Vultr ($5 per month).

Note: Bluehost gives you free domain (Save Rs.900) when you purchase hosting from them for one year.

4.) Purchase a premium WordPress Blog theme, recommended Thrive Theme (95% Success from my personal experience), Genesis, MyThemeShop (Estimated capital: $50 - $70 [3300 - 4500INR])

For any business, if you plan to start seriously, you should have to make a small investment at least to expect some returns.

5.) Create a perfect design or hire some expert for 50$ - 100$.

If you cannot able to invest you can bypass this because premium WordPress theme gives you prior customer support so that you can use the support to design a very good looking blog by yourself.

5.1.) Create these pages during your website setup or design.

  1. Homepage
  2. Blog page
  3. About page
  4. Contact page
  5. Privacy Policy
  6. Disclaimer
  7. Terms of Service (optional)
  8. Site Map (One for users and one for bots)

5.2.) Conditions to create a page:

Homepage: Explain your context neatly here.

About page: Add your photo, mention your real address as per Whois data, mention your facebook, twitter, google plus profile, add a WhatsApp number, write an original biography.

Contact page: Add contact form 7 plugin to create a contact form, and mention your real address as per Whois data, mention facebook, twitter, google plus profile, add a WhatsApp number.

Privacy policy page: Use online privacy policy generator tool to create a privacy policy statement and add a link to about page, contact page at the bottom.

Disclaimer page: Similarly declare your own disclaimer statement and link to contact page, about page.

Primary navigation should consist Home, About, Contact, Blog and additional menu based on your blog niche.
Footer navigation should consist Home, About, Contact, Privacy policy, Disclaimer, and Sitemap


6.) Writing Articles: First, after you decided your niche, search Google to find the top performers.

6.1.) Prepare a list of top performers.
6.2.) Prepare a list of top performing articles.
6.3.) Use tools like SEMRUSH, to get the list of keywords that ranked those articles.
6.4.) Now, prepare a list of LSI and Long Phrase keywords with at least 0.1 CPC. Use tools such as Google Keyword Planner even Semrush will suggest you.

7.) Based on this list, you should create up to 20 blog post titles.
PS: Follow the instruction 6.4

8.) Start writing articles of minimum 1500words for each title and publish one post every three days.
Within two months, you can complete publishing all the 20 posts.

9.) I asked you to publish one post every 3 days. Use the next two days to bring in Social Traffic, Direct Traffic, and Referral Traffic.

10.) So finally, at the end of two months, you have a branded blog with a decent number of visitors from all the four channels (Social, Direct, Referal, Organic)

:tipping_hand_man::tipping_hand_man::tipping_hand_man: Apply for Adsense now, and you will surely get approved.

Disclaimer: I have written this post based on my own experience and if you have any suggestions, tips, changes, please let me know. I will update this post at least once everyday with FAQ.

Request to moderator: Pin this post to top and request all wannabes to refer this before asking a question.

FAQ 1: Is there any traffic requirement for Adsense Approval?
Ans: No, there is no specific limit set by Adsense so far.

Can anyone explain why google reject my Adsense application

:thinking::thinking: I don’t think about this until you said now?
But of course it’s a good idea know?




Thank you dear @DUGGU


This? https://www.bluehost.com/Managed-Wordpress-Hosting




Isn’t recommending BlueHost a mistake?


No, I suggest going with WordPress Managed Hosting, if you have a strong financial stuff.
Because Site Speed is a ranking.


NameCheap is same as BlueHost… :expressionless:

but NameCheap have way lower price than BlueHost :ok_hand:

BlueHost first year: $119
NameCheap first year: $9


Thank you @Paritosh, Shall I update the list with NameCheap?
Do you have previous experience?


EIG hostings such as Hostgator and BlueHost are :poop:



SiteGround (not EIG)


Consider SiteGround or Vultr.

NameCheap is the cheapest option.


Dear, Refer only maximum three…
We should not confuse the readers.


For me, these are the best 3 hosting with the price range:
:white_check_mark: SiteGround = $47/year (first year) (Shared WordPress) (Valuable)
:white_check_mark: NameCheap = $9/year (first year) (Shared) (Cheapest)
:white_check_mark: Vultr = $5/month (Cloud)


Updated thank you!


If I am not wrong, those are not “Managed”… they are “Shared”? :thinking:


If you are an engineer…The only Investment needed will be for domain name. AWS provides free hosting for a year. It’s easy for engineers to create a web application and host it on Amazon…Performance is amazing…


You don’t need to be engineer for AWS. It is not as tough as it looks.

I will explore web developing when I’m done with JAVA :heart_eyes:


Java sundareson!! :sweat_smile::sweat_smile: