The CAR that blogging bought for me | Journey of -7L to +55L INR in just 10 Months

Patience, Continuity & Believe along with 9 rules makes you a successful blogger.
Here are my 9 rules which I follow [specially I made them for the new bloggers]…

  1. Publish at lest one article per day (Even on Weekends and Holidays)
  2. You should have written/reserved articles for 15 day (like - if you publish one article per day - then you should have 15 written articles to be published) - it will help you to maintain the frequency of article publishing when you’re not working, or you are sick, or you are out of the city etc.)
  3. Get 100% knowledge about the article that you are going to write.
  4. Attend all meetings, seminars, webinars - everything related to the blogging or related to your niche.
  5. Find Mentors/ Gurus (Blogging and Niche Expert) - pay before the demand as per their time given to you/youre blog.
  6. Watch / Listen / Read successful bloggers and niche expert.
  7. Set goals and work madly to achieve them.
  8. Read the books to be motivated.
  9. Blog topics should be related your interest - it will make you independent.

If someone has achieved in the same field - you will be the next.

I left the job in April 2019 and before that I was earning 50-70K per month through the blogging. And, I had around 7 lacks loan from some of the friends + 2 credit card defaulter + 5 personal Loan EMI was bounced (here, some of the guys are aware about it - I already asked for the money).
After leaving the job I started blogging full time and God helped me a lot and in the last 10 months I have made more than INR 50L through blogging & blogging consultancy.
And, the important thing is that - Blogging bought a CAR for me which I have dreamed in May 2019.

I am sharing this small achievement to the new bloggers - who just started the blogging. Friends! Blogging really gives you a BOSS FREE LIFE, you must be serious about it.

I work 3 times in a day: 5 hours in my office, 4 hours in the Cafe (Insta has some of the images) and 5 hours at home.

Here, you can see my blogging setup (in the cafe)

@GulshanKumar - If anything is against the policies - you are free to change/delete.

Thanks to
@GulshanKumar - Hey! He is my one of the official (Yes! official Mentor/Guru)
“Hitesh Bhasin” - to tech me ad optimization (at initial level) - sorry I am unable to find his profile here.
And, all of the memers - who motivated me a lot.


You are a inspiration for me :slight_smile: Wish to meet you sometime if I go to delhi.

Any tip for link building ?


yes of course.

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Loved the way you worked. I have been reading your work from last one year and followed you always and I really appreciate the target you achieved your wishes and all the best for the future.

Hope we can also achieve a milestone like you.


Hey @duggu, Congrats! for your achievement. You deserve it. :clap:

A great beginning… :tada:

Keep it up, more amazing result to come…!! :100:



Happy to know that you have managed to get out of the debt trouble!


Congratulations :boom: :boom:

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Congrats Duggu bro


Congrats Bruhh…

Your hard work started paying back.


@Duggu Your achievements motivated me a lot.

Peoples who motivated me to begin blogging again in 2019. When I was almost about to giveup.
Gulshan kumar, @Duggu, @BihariLala, @saurav_556 and many more peoples from this forum.

BTW! @Duggu, Hitesh Bhasin is here but with an alternative name to be anonymous. :slight_smile:

  1. focus on quality content - people will start taking the references and you will get the back links
  2. Find the multi author website on your niche - and started writing there.
  3. Genuinely started replying the questions on stackoverflow and quora - and you may drop the link of relevant topics.

Really a Great Salute to You @DUGGU
I too bought my Dream Car “Mahindra Scorpio S10” in 2015, the year where I turned into a full-time blogger. I have explained my journey in my blog about page (Hope interested people can visit and read there).

Really blogging has changed many lives. Blogging is really easy to start, but it needs a lot of effort and patience to see your blog returning you something. Spend enough and do a lot of paperwork before starting your first blog.
Treat blogging like your full-time work and be true and loyal to achieve success. My career begins in 2010 where I don’t even have Rs.5 for taking a bus ticket to go to college. But now, in the same city, I am riding in my “White Beast”…

Still, I can’t forget the moment on the first day. Friends, I don’t know how to ride a car when I was buying my first Scorpio. I was too adamant to not even touch anyone’s car to learn driving. Without knowing, I took my own car from the showroom and took a drive to MaruthaMalai Temple. This was the first achievement.

Now, I have created some groups of business and my beginning is OnlineHomeIncome.

Friends, All I want to tell you is that,
Set a Long Goal and Mark your Milestones.
Work Daily, Ask yourself the improvements compared to Yesterday.
Keep Moving…

People criticize you until you achieve success. But same people praise you once you achieved.
Stop Bothering Them. Because you have your life and other’s can’t live your life.
You know how to take it.

All the Best,
Keep Blogging…
Myilraj .G
95663 55140


Nice car. Congrats @DUGGU


Thanks for sharing your side @DUGGU and @MyilRaj sir. I have seen your posts from last 3-4 years and it feels good to see you people doing great.

I am also going to start working as a full time freelancer from June of this year. From crying for even 199 INR for a domain to working with clients of 18 + nations solely at Fiverr, this has been a roller coaster ride for me too :slight_smile:

I just hope, my decision to pursue freelancing and blogging goes well and soon I get a personal office


That’s a Good Move @BLOGGING_SURGEON… Proud of you…
You can start your full-time career from your home in your beginning. A Home Office can do better than your personal office.
Start with a website and a brand name if you wish to start a full-time career. It’s my advice to you.
Do not use personal name or plan to build a portfolio in this. Divide your personal career and long term professional career into two different streams in order to tackle legal issues in the future.

All The Best,


Congratulations Bruh :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Congratulations Broh,

Hope I will achieve it too .

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Definitely you will achieve it soon, be consistent , be focused.

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:boom::boom: Wish you more success :slightly_smiling_face:

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man gaye Mota Bhai aap ko!