The Fastest Cloud Server in India (Public Survey)

Please do test from the mobile Internet connection

Step 1. First, please run PING test here

  1. AWS :arrow_right:

  2. Google Cloud :arrow_right:

  3. DigitalOcean :arrow_right:

  4. Linode :arrow_right:

Step 2. Then, let us know which one has fastest ping response time

  • Linode
  • DigitalOcean
  • AWS
  • GCP

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GCP > Linode > AWS > Digital Ocean


Linod>GC>aws>digital ocean

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I found linode the fastest.

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With Jio?

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With airtel

Not tested with jio till let me check it.

With jio i found GCP fastest with 88ms

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77.27 ms with jio, linode server

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With airtel, Linode seems faster than GCP.

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linode from West Bangal. network jio

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How is it compared to other at your device? Faster or slower?

Jio vs Vodafone

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Great! How’s the performance of Google Cloud?

GCloud is much faster than linode (Vodafone)

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It clearly seems that GCP is fast than other providers in Mobile. The majority of Indians use Mobile internet., that is the main point.

Comparing to Digitalocen to Linode, it’s seems that Linode is always faster. :hugs:


Just wondering if it is recommendable to move form Vultr to Linode for targetting Indian users.

Of course, yes. Because later one has DC in India.

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Yes I am loving linode

That will be a good idea.

What additional Cloudways gives us rather than one-click panel for taking 2x of VPS cost? I have chat with their support and told me backups are also paid.
Then why CW except of Linode, Digitalocean?

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Explained here: Difference between unmanaged and managed services