This Blogspot blog is ranking very well


This is not any promo. I just found a Blogspot blog (subdomain) ranking very well on Google.

Secondly, is also a blogger blog which is ranking high but I couldn’t find their CMS as a blogger in cms checkers.

If you find some blogger blogs that are ranking well, please post here. It may help new bloggers who just started their blog on the blogger platform.



was among the Top 10 Indian Blogs in Tech categories of 2017. Its completely hosted on Blogger platform.
It is managed by Srinivas Tamada


blogspot is a very good platform, it has some drawbacks but if you know html, js and ajax you can do anything with blogspot.


I agree with you


One more blogger blog doing well on Google

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I like this site. :grinning:

Disclaimer: Access at own RISK. It’s not about Ranking, but I wanna show that with Blogspot much more can be done.

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One more blogger blog performing well on Google is here:

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