This Update is Killing Us

Hello friends, in this september broad core update the traffic went down and it to very aggresively.

Don’t know what is going on guys please share your thoughts below.

I am seeing traffic drop on all old blogs but very new blogs are doing good.

Really worried about this update as this update is completely lowering my page views down.

Yeah this update is doing more damage than previous. Maybe it will recover in next few days. Even Neil Patel told in a video that Algorithm change has affected so many large and small websites. This update is not only lowering ranks of posts but also decreasing impressions.

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Absolutely yaar we work so hard but then this bad update comes and ruins every thing. But hope for the best let’s see what happens in few days.

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Even I lost 50% of my organic traffic after this algo update :cry: :cry: :cry:


Traffic Boom :grin:

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The sites having a large link profile have got a setback in this update. from mostly what i have learned this update was all about links, they changes how no follow link works and also brought some core update regarding link profile kf sites.
Have you done any manual link building jn the past?

Not for the sites which got effected

What sort of content is the site based on

One in fitness niche and other in love and relationship blog both of them saw traffic dip.

Yup fitness is going to be tough until you are an authority now. Google looks for EAT(EXPERTISE,AUTHORITIVENESS AND TRUSTWORTHYNESS) Of the aurthor especially in fitness and stuff. With each update things are going to be tougher there.

The same applies for relationship stuff. If you have lots of advice and stuff related article, spiritual stuff etc. then google wants it to be coming from a guy who is an authority rather than a xyz guy. So creating a authority in eye of google will be key.

Yes I know but still in my forums guys are telling that their traffic are also gone down.

What to here from other bloggers about their traffic??

My blog is about Travel. I have around 18 blog posts. My site was hardly getting 100 traffic but after the update, now my blog is getting around 180-200 blog traffic.


Little traffic recovery today but only like 1 percent

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Take a big site, check it out on ahrefs/SEMrush, you know they have had too many ups and downs but the overall movement was up. I suggest you sit back and relax, once the mayhem is over, focus on growing. Always remember every site suffered downfall every now and then but those who didn’t give up, became giants now.


Still my page views are down little worried about it. 20 % traffic loss.

Sad to hear this did you recovered or still the story is same