This week I tried 3 hosting companies, here's my review

Siteground: Much better experience about technical support than Bluehost and Hostgator.

A2hosting: Overall good, but very slow support based on ticket.

Nestify: It was good by support, but bash SSH really annoyed me. Many basic command like nano, vdir was not working. I contacted later their support team and somewhat they fixed it.

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I want to try A2 hosting Turbo plan in the future. They provide Litespeed Cache plugin also… I think LSCache plugin is the best for WP.

How exactly you tested their technical support? @GulshanKumar

By contacting them personally via Live chat, support tickets. I noticed carefully about responsiveness.

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We have used Siteground its really good… the problem though is all this companies has they grow there customer support becomes horrible…

Which hosting service you are using for

Digital Ocean

What about the plan???

USD 5 per month.