Thoughts on shortlisting the domain name for your blog


I’m planning to write tutorials on the topic e.g. ‘Niche’.

My thought process on the names I would choose. . Name is focused on the reader. Means the reader can master the niche using the blog. . Name is focused on the content creator. The author is a niche leader. So he might have written correctly about it.

In blog writing:

we typically use ‘You’ language to keep the focus on the reader always.

sometimes use ‘We’ language, to make the blog/tutorial a conversational and inclusive one.

Most popular tutorials and blogs use the ‘You’ language as far as I’ve seen. I’ve always loved reading this ‘You’ language tutorials rather than the ‘We’ language ones and felt its good to use ‘You’ language.

Will it be good if we follow the same when selecting a domain name for the blog?


Which domain would you choose.

Please vote.

Shortlisted Domains

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I would suggest not to take the approach of the master in the niche until you are really qualified.

What happens is when you make a small mistake or use wrong vernacular people who knows the niche even a little bit will lose trust almost instantly.

Instead take the approach of a guy who is learning and sharing his experience and knowledge he gaimed during the process. That way you need not be perfect. You needn’t prove all your points and your readers will believe you more. And in long run you will become an authority in the niche. Also pick the domain according.

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@saurav_556 thank you very much for your thoughts. :slight_smile: