Thrive Themes vs Genesis Themes: Which is better in 2018?

(Anant Singh) #1

Give your opinion about comparison between thrive themes vs genesis frame work themes .
Which one is best for seo ,speed ,etc.

(Anant Singh) #3

My personal blog is on generatepress theme :slight_smile:

(Rajput Moderator) #4

Genesis is better than Thrive

(Shafi Khan) #6

For speed and SEO, Genesis is better. For conversion, Thrive is better.

If you have someone to customize Genesis themes or you’ve the required knowledge, Genesis can be customized too.

If you’re newbie, GeneratePress would my recommended choice. Club it with Elementor, and you’ve got everything.

(Myil Raj) #7

I have been Thrive Themes for a very long time for my own blog as well as client’s blog.
So far, I have a very good experience when working with the theme but support takes time.
Their own plugins Thrive Architect, Thrive Leads are a great tool to use with the theme for a better conversion.

(Bheem) #8

Any theme customizer you can recommend for me?


(Rajput Moderator) #9


(Bheem) #10

Thank you. But any person you can also recommend?


(Rajput Moderator) #11


(Bheem) #12

How can i PM you?