Thumbnail Image problem

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Hello Team,

i am uploading featured image at 3kb . but my thumbnail image is 79kb. how to reduce this by default.


Can you provide site url ?

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send the post url u are talking about… I understand ur problem may be related to all the images… lets diagnose the problem on specific

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generated thumb url


what was the resolution of the image you uploaded 3kb size

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resolution 800x400



nrjvk4bey7coi9jiuvpiyik2ltap4ti81hylktikyo from where this is comming… are you using any image optimizer

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i am not using any image optimizer . autoptimize using


so you have added this this thing before uploading nrjvk4bey7coi9jiuvpiyik2ltap4ti81hylktikyo
what was the file type of that image u uploaded ?


which theme u are using ?

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i have not anything before . its auto generated . i dont know how ? png file format

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rehub theme


Its a powerful theme… have lots of functionality …
feels lyk theme is doing something
Its paid … idon’t have access. i wanted to look customizer settings


Can u turn off jetpack lazy loading and photon … if enabled

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ok i disabled jetpack lazy load


your problem solved … now image is 5kb earlier it was 120kb

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i am unable to see that .


in full post its 5kb

img loading

2018/06 original upload

but in post list its 120 kb

img loading

thumbs_dir this is generated by theme…


Solution : Go to rehub settings where blog post list settings are controlled…

you may see several option for image size … thumbnail / medium / large / full / custom

select Full or set custom 800x400

then theme will start using your orignal uploaded image