Thumbnail Image problem

(Manikandan A Ve) #21

ok .

thanks for your help buddy


u r welcome :slight_smile:

BTW Rehub is not for blogging… Change if you can

Its a e-commerce theme … thats why its adding image meta data related to camera to every image you are adding

Look at your Rehub settings carefully… or simply change theme.

(अभिषेक वर्मा) #23

Some theme suggestions :
Free : Astra & GP
Paid : Newspaper & Publisher

(Manikandan A Ve) #25

can i have your url ?

(Manikandan A Ve) #26

i have used some shortcode functions . if i change the theme what will happen and what about seo ?

(Manikandan A Ve) #29

i am using this theme in my coupon website . in feature i have plan to add deal in this site that’s why i used this theme .

can i move wpion or happythemes ?


wrong reason to choose this then … for coupon segment http://domain/coupons/ you can create another wordpress install where you can use Rehub…