Thumbnail On RSS

My website got approved on Google News. But in there only showing post title not showing the thumbnail.

What the way to show the thumbnail on RSS/ G News?

Are you using any CDN for image serving??

Try using this plugin
Featured Images in RSS & Mailchimp Email
or try using this code in functions.php

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Disable it, and check after few hours.

Previously I have seen this same kind of case in Google News Support Forum, user was using Jetpack free image CDN and all the images thumbnails gone hidden in GN.

Can’t disable.

I think I need use this method.

Hello @Mainak, is your issue resolved?


Is it working?

Nope :slightly_frowning_face:

Activated the plugin. Still didn’t see the image in the news section posts.

Any tool to check it’s it working or not?

It is for /feed/

I mean that the thumbnail is showing in the feed properly or not.

How I can check that? if I open the website feed I can’t understand.

You need RSS Reader app. Normally it wont show.

Just wanted to know did u see any jump in Google Analytics?

@Vyom_Srivastava On today, I saw a couple on posts on fb groups regarding this.
Some people were saying their traffic went down to 0 and someone got a sudden boost.

According to the Google WebMasters Central and Neil Patel has also acknowledged that 8 algorithm changes happens per day.