Tips for SEO Friendly website on DuckDuckGO

DuckDuckGO search engine is going rapidly with almost 100 million daily searches now a days… so any tips to get head start and be on top of DuckDuckGO search results ?

Backlink. Brand.

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As @GulshanKumar said - brand or domain age is important. A domain can rank top 1-3 if it’s 2-3 years old with decent link profile - 350 referring domain total link count close to 1k.

I’m not saying you to build links. Just pointing out how a normal link profile looks like after 2-3 years.

I have found that - an article covering the exact topic or the title tag is important to rank in DDG & up to a certain level - also similar for bing.

The title tag should be shorter 52 Character max. For G. its 57-59 and for DDG & bing below 50 character title works well.

In 2021 I have learned that a user wants the answer to their specific question fast. So now I will not bury important content down in the article.

Did you verify your site on DDG?

No. I only did for bing & G. .

You can do it - personally, I haven’t tried it.

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I feel that ranking on Bing directly/indirectly noticed by DuckDuckGo to show similar SERPs.

Yes Feels so but more users using DuckdGo… need to be on top you never know you next traffic will be from ddg