Title Not Showing Properly in SERP


I have set “Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana List 2018-19 » PMAY List” title for my blog you can see it in below screenshot

but on google search result its showing “PMAY लिस्ट” I don’t know why :confused: can you guys help me to solve this problem.

Note: my site is ranked on 1st page for PMAY List keyword so after fixing this issue would my site got outranked?


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Any chance you are using Google in Hindi?


no bro


its page or blog post?


Google very frequently will alter titles to closely reflect the search query.

It will also occasionally place branded phrases toward the front of a displayed title to help searchers find specific sites.

It doesn’t mean Google hasn’t seen your new title.


Sometime Google can ignore actual web page title and show from any heading of web page.


but this site does not have any heading like this :confused:


From what I understand is that it’s a localisation issue and google is trying to make it easier for people to read in India based on your and your visitors location. Google does this kind of things all the times.


any solution?


Add a logo, this should fix the problem by overriding basic text title.


i have removed the logo few day back.


That is pretty common. Shit like this occasionally happens.

I am going to assume you did proper setup of Yoast SEO.

Google sometimes pick up the wrong text for the snippets. Just recently I noticed that they picked up the image caption for the title and ignored the article’s meta title.

Fetch the link again and it may do the job.


this is the my yoast seo settings may i change this?


All looks good.