Top Organic Keyword, Now ONLY Showing in google Omitted Results

Hi All,

I ranked my customer article in an organic way, with No copy and paste.

It was showing on google first page and first position and NOW ONLY showing in Google omitted results.

Totally disappeared.

I’m totally confused, Did our rival done anything ?

or what.

Suggestion Needed.

Kind Regards

More info is needed to suggest anything.

  1. How competitive is the keyword
  2. How good was the article( How long/How in depth and how much on the point)
    3)When was the article posted?
  3. When it ranked 1 and for how long?
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  1. Keyword is Normal and is Occasional.
  2. The article is on site SEO optimized the length is good and focus keyword density is good.
  3. The article was posted yesterday and ranked first.

Note: There was no copy and paste in the article.

Google is testing the website. It happens for me with new. Where I easily get rank within 24 hours but then it suddenly disappears from the whole SERP. But after a few days (3, 4) it comes again.

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Are you kidding me?
Unless the site is well established you can’t even expect rabk one for few months. Let alone a day…

It shows when you check from same browser because of caching and google prefers the site you visit or login.

Try new browser incognito mode. You won’t see that ranking anytime soon!

Only way to rank that quickly is getting a lot of backlink. But then you can’t hide that for long…google will catch such site someday or the other.

Thanks for your precious information. This is a very helpful suggestion.