Traffic Down

anyone noticing traffic down today or any Google update rolling out my traffic down by 30% today. it is a Hindi blog.

  • My traffic is normal
  • Yes, I am noticing low traffic

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Hello guys,

Since yesterday on one of my blog the traffic as went drastically down, is any update going on or anybody facing the same issue. Please share your thoughts.

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facing same problem, my traffic down by 60%

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Anoop are you a hindi blogger?

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Even I am having a hindi blog which was getting around 15 k pageviews daily but since yesterday it went down to 10k pageviews. And because of this adsense earning dropped to nearly half.

Hope it gets to normal soon…

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Same here

Yes, I’m Hindi blogger

Same here… Maybe it has do something with Ayodhya verdict and people were hooked to news channel

daily apne site me kuch n kuch naya krte rahe
content update krte rahe …

Google sabki le raha hai :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


yes bro google is hurting us.

Do you guys write proper hindi or hinglish?

Did your traffic recovered?anoop

Wasim how is the traffic now?

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It is still low. But from Monday let’s see few days. May be there will be some changes.

Same here wasim

50% traffic boosted

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You are lucky brother…

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I am sure that some thing is going on in google algo. I am desperate to see my traffic again to become normal.

No, about 60% traffic and earning down.

Same her brother mine is also 50 percent and today the whole day the traffic was down. Adsense earning completely tanked…