Traffic dropped to 0

My website’s traffic dropped to 0 today. I am not sure what the issue is but something is wrong with GA of Google. It is not possible to drop to 0 because I was getting 250+ organic visitors but today it dropped to 0.

I can see the GA is working fine though, my website is available on google also.

Google Analytics is broken for some users.

Ohh thank god!!!

where did u got this info from?

Other forums. Some said they have a blank Analytics.

My Analytics is also delayed by 8 hours.

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It seems that my analytics is also showing incorrect stats.

@BihariLala you’re right. Some people reported same on REDDIT too.

Okay guys, I made a huge mistake here. So yesterday updated my generatepress theme and it removed my GA tag. But when I checked in the morning it was there because it was showing me the cached version. I found this in the evening and added the tag again. Such a dumb I’m.

Is there any way not to repeat this again or automatically insert all the tages in header without plugin?

Local host GA :slight_smile:

Hi @Vyom_Srivastava,

Actually, you can achieve that by creating a child theme of your main theme.

Now you just need to paste the following code in the functions.php file of child theme.

add_action('wp_head', 'vyomrocks');
function vyomrocks(){

Above one is for header if you want to integrate your code in footer just replace wp_head with wp_footer that’s it and it will work for footer.

As this is a child theme and it inherits properties from main theme so now whenever you update theme no code will be removed.

I hope this helps🤗

Update the App from Play store, Everything would be fine, if issue is still there