Traffic fell down

Since today morning 6am all my traffic has gone down. When I checked keywords my posts are disappeared from search result. What has happened I can’t understand…

There is no error in search console. The posts which were in top 3 they are also no where.

Is there any expert for this problem?

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Hello Wasim, What is the keyword and post URL?

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I had 760 keyword in top 3 rank. All went down 6am. Before that traffic es good.

Actually I checked my main post has gone to page 3. Same happened with all posts.
About all post was in first page.


Computer kya hai.
computer in hindi

Keyboard kya hai
What is keyboard in hindi
Like many posts.

All went down at once.

Your post is well written. :+1: It appears same as it was in the Google Cache on 11 Aug 2019.
I would suggest, please check your backlink profile.

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How can I do it.

Actually my ahref account is not working right now.

Via Semrush or Ahrefs.

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Today my luck is not with me. Everything happening wrong.

No worries. Think Positive.

One more thing, did you made any kind of recent changes in your site?

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Yes sir I got fake rating in one of my post. Actually I am using k k star rating from long time. So I reset that post rating.
Can it be a problem.

One more thing from last one week I created few do follow back links also but from good DA sites finding from ahref.

Adding star rating for a simple article can fireback. Avoid it before Google can penalize the site to never show star rating again. I have faced this problem and it continued for almost 2 years.

I have uninstalled star rating. So is it the main issue or back link I created?

What should I do now then.

I am not able to say exactly. But I am sure that one shouldn’t misuse star rating feature while it is intend mostly for reviews articles. Google has clearly warned on this subject.

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Please help me understand this.
Right now my ahref account is not working

oh ok

That is ahref auto word mistake

Auto word?

Keyboard auto correct

If it has happened due to star rating then how can i recover from it? I have uninstalled that plugin. Will it affect anything.

No, it shouldn’t affect.