Traffic fell down

I will check back link using ahref and disavow waste back link. It will take some time I think.
How can I recover from that fake rating issue. As you said you have already faced it.

I do not prefer to use aggregated rating in the first place for the simple article.

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Ok sir I have removed this k k star rating.if this will be reason then let’s see.

Can creating back link for last few days can also become a reason as I have not created back link for last 3-4 months. Now only for last few days daily I was creating 4-5 back links from good sites.

I have been using this k k star from last one year.
I think someone was intentionally giving so many low review as many as he can.

Let’s wait for few days and check again.

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Sudden all keywords just disappeared and all tope posts where in SERP. I just can’t even imagine this has happened with my blog.

Sorry to know about that. Disavow all bad links. Hopefully, it will recover soon.

All the best!

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Thank you sir.

I will do it.

Hey, the same thing happened with me in October and the site has still not recovered, probably because I made several changes, thinking that it might appease Google. I’m pretty sure I didn’t do anything wrong, so I don’t know what triggered Google. The only thing I know is that one of the most popular sites in my niche was penalised on the same day and even that site hasn’t recovered. The fall wasn’t as bad as mine though. Another site in my niche was also affected, and the pattern was same as mine, but the penalty was lifted after 2 months or so. So I would advise you not to make any changes to site, apart from removing the kk star Plugin.


I am going to remove all the bad backinks only. I searched and found my posts in 3rd page which were ranking 1.

@Wasim_Akram wait for at least 1 week before doing anything.


@Saksham Sir only one thing I have done till now , I have removed one plugin that kk star rating that’s it.

Can I do my regular work like publishing new post and updating old post.?

Sir in google search console I have got one thing anchor text top 3rd text is this word. …
… F**k. May be this can be a reason. I am showing you the screenshot.

I think that word is automatically generated. But for many backlinks.

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@Arshi can i ask you whether the other sites also had kk star ratings?

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Nope. It’s not about kk star ratings. But once you’re penalized, the reason could be whatever, the ratings will disappear from your site

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Same thing happened to me and has happened now. Previously it happened last year in august when the big update came out.

Now i don’t even bother, i just do what i want as long as people search on google with my site’s name.

Everything gets back to normal after few weeks.

Remember that disavowing backlinks can also backfire. It’s very unlikely that traffic will drop overnight because of bad backlinks. Is it possible for you to check if your were link spammed? A lot of (20-50K) backlinks created in a day or two = link spam.

Google has got smart and bad links should not remove you from the search results. Especially, if you have good link profile, you are immune to bad links.

Regarding the plugin, good that you removed it. Please wait for at least one week now. Do not make changes. Updates are rolled out everyday and you should not get caught in the crossfire.

Make sure cache is cleared and publish some new articles during this time.

I understand your situation, but you have to wait.

If nothing happens after one week, there are some other ways to come out of the trap. You can then post the problem on Google forum and there’s always a possibility that someone at Google will take a look. If nothing works after a week or two, you can also try migrating to a new domain. Or perhaps force a manual penalty to trigger a manual review… as a last resort.

(I am here, you can tag me if you are confused and I will get back to you in a couple of hours.)


No those baclinks were not that much. But nearly bad back links were from 80 domain. I have added them to disavow in search console.
I just really can’t understand what should I do and what should not.

But still I will do my regular work which is my daily routine. Please help me if can.
Thankyou so much sir @BihariLala

Think this could be the reason “


Yes I have also read about this and there is probably a chance of getting deranked due to Google’s issue of loosing their own database.

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