Transfer domain from GoDaddy to Google Domain


Godaddy also charge same.


I don’t have any specific reason, but Google offers at the same price and managing it through Google is quite easy.


Yes, but I think Google does not give support like GoDaddy gives. I have multiple domains on GoDaddy and they are always available for help. While Google does not give any option like this. :thinking:

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I was asking for discount for the transfer of multiple domains. :smiley:


LOL :rofl:


I think, I should go for the Google Domain, one of my domain is expiring soon, just checked the renewal price on GoDaddy it was 800 Approx. but on Google Domain its 860 with privacy protection.:grinning:

I just observed that while transferring the domain name, if you have privacy protection enabled you must have to remove it along with the LOCK.


Dear, transferring a domain to Google Domains is very simple.

  1. Go to Google Domains homepage
  2. Type your domain and click transfer
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions
  4. You need Authorization code, you can find inside previous registrar Domain panel. Easily.
  5. Make payment, proceed. Wait up to 7 days.


What are the benefits of Google Domain over BigRock & GoDaddy?

Thanks, @GulshanKumar I have transferred it.


Not free.

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Well, email forwarding is free. :slight_smile:

If someone send email to you, you can receive at your desired address.

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Which DNS is faster? Godaddy or Google domains? I think google’s must be way fast right?


Google Domains.


@GulshanKumar will test it today but it is fast!

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Cloudflare DNS is the fastest!

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Not agree with this…


Which one is the fastest? Any proofs? I will use that :slight_smile:


Using cloudflare dns only in front of godaddy now. So don’t need to do domain transfer.

Cloudflare will handle the dns


Dns made easy .com

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Cloudflare is fastest but not agree with other results. Really Surprising Google Cloud is on 27 number.

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Agree DO is also faster than Google Cloud.