Transfer to Vultr or Digital Ocean

I want to move my website directly to Vultr or Digital Ocean. I don’t know much about website migration.

What should procedure to transfer websites?

Are you familier with Linux Command Line?

If yes, follow below guide

If no, use DO via Cloudways with one-click migration via its plugin.

Will the same tutorial applicable fro Vultr?

Yes, it should work.

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This tutorial is tell about the process of Installing WordPress.

But how to migrate existing blog from Shared Hosting to Vultr or DO?

Yes, first step would be installing WP as described in the article.

Take backup of existing site with UpdraftPlus, restore at new server.

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I have followed the steps listed in the article. But it seems really complicated.

Looks like if do migration, there will be some downtime.

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Yes, it’s likely possible if not done carefully. You can hire me to get this done without any downtime.

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At Step 32, I am unable to open my blog. It says “The site can’ be reached”.

Plz tell me solution of this.

Okay, did you pointed DNS to new IP at step 9?

Actually I updated the namersever of my domain in my Namecheap account. The nameservers are of DigitalOcean.

Afterthat, I added the domain in DigitalOcean account.

Plz tell me the exact procedure the update the DNS to new IP.

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Free me karne se accha hai aap Gulshan Ji ki madad le aur apna karya sampan kare

Sorry, I am not able to over simplify it. Every step is clearly written.

Please ask specific one or two questions.
I can answer quickly.

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Gulshan Ji sahi kaha aap ne.

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Hire @GulshanKumar sir he is polite and kind person. He will take care of your site. He is the best in this.