Tutorial for openlite speed installation

Actually I have already installed one site using openlite but now when I am using same procedure them I am getting error while installing php 7.3 and not able to proceed.

If someone have any good procedure then please mention here the link. And I also want to know how can i host multi sites in openlite.

Bro, Simply install cyberpanel and do everything like in cpanel. Enjoy Cyberpanel, a free product by Litespeed.

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I think manually doing this would be better for optimizing to according to the choice

What kind of optimization need in new installation? I’ve compared between expert’s manual installation and installation by cyberpanel. I got same result. I personally found cyberpanel gives more control like backup, php version, SSL, DNS and more.

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What about inatalling cache like opcache, lscache, and managing it by self

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Have a look, I’ve installed WP blog at DO through CP. And I see opcache, Iscache etc in file manager.


OPcache is basically for PHP cache.

It’s easy to configure inside php.ini



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