Two Questions Related to Blogging

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1st question. Many of my blog posts are ranking at 11th to 14th position. What can I do to rank them higher?

2nd questions. Why are random blog posts taking too much time for indexing these days? Like my recent blog posts (5.2k words) is not indexed even after four days, but my earlier blog post(10.4k words) got indexed in just one day. What’s the reason for this random post indexing issue?

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  1. You can put more content on the keywords for which you’re ranking at 11 to 14 position. Find the keywords from GSC.
  2. It all depends upon Google Crawling and viewability.
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Ranking varies on a lot of factor.
How to the point or relevent is the articles.

Say your topic was how much time does an iphone takes to charge?

And you try to write a long post with tangentially related question like how to charge iphone quickly or why is my iphone not charging etc. Then ranking in top 10 can be difficult.

Also it takes a few months on new sites to appear in top 10 and atleast 6-8 months for top 3 so have patience.

Apart from that indexing will happen naturally if your content is good and relevant. Dont worry we cant do anything to fix it. Just keep profucing good helpful articles and a lot of it. If you have inly 10-12 posts and you are worried about indexing then don’t do so. Have atleast 40-50 and you will build reputation in eyes kf google and your indexing rate will improve.

Its similar to say you have one or two really good post. Even if google ranks you in top3 and visitor comes rhere is nothing more for them to stay. So there is a high probability you won’t rank that high.

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thank you for writing such long explanations.

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Thanks, Rajdeep.