Ubersuggest is pro now!

Ubersuggest needs pro version for all features. I was expecting that. That is no more a ‘free SEO too’. Any other free tools can you recommend?


Looks like its still free. :thinking:

Only for 7 days. Then 300 per month or 3000 yearly.

Check account after login

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It’s not a great SEO tool. I’ll go for Group buy option.

Keyword Surfer is like keyword everywhere orelse you can go for group seo tool that provide seo tools at cheap price.

I don’t recommend this tool. The most of the reviews & screenshots present in that sites are fake. Don’t believe fully. Check this example screenshot below

Note: Check Total Active users & Top page users count

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This can be easily done by inspect tool and changing the number. Fake examples are made by this trick only

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