Ubersuggest Lifetime Deal Worth It?

Is Ubersuggest life time deal worth it?

Or should we still go with the Group buy services like Flikover hence we always have choice to switch tools later on?

Nopes avoid them…

Most seo tools have inaccurate data. Ubersuggest is worst when it comes to accuracy.

To get keyword volume - semrush offers 10 free search (don’t pay monthly) if you think you need a paid seo tool… Pay for one month and generate content idea for 6-8 months. ( Serpstat also offers trial for $7)

*Seo tools are time saver when it comes to checking backlinks. And competition. Good if you run affiliate sites and your revenue is grater than $3k.

Keyword everywhere extension can help you have an idea about monthly search volume ( paid but inexpensive).

Lsigraph (.com) also have accurate data. Although some keyword can bring 3-5 X more traffic than given volume.

In my opinion you should only spend less than 5% of your profit on seo tools if you need any.

The only tool i will recommend if you run multiple site is - keyword rank tracker.

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For free thing you can use ahrehf free webmaster tool. But make sure you verify manually and dont give them access to search console.


Yes, now i tired LSIGraph. It provides more relevant keywords…

It looks promising.

Thanks for the detailed answer.


keyword surfer (extension) is another free option similar to keyword everywhere.

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What you want is keyword idea, Then take a look at this quick list.

If you want to do SEO Audit, you can’t go wrong with Industry-Best - Screaming-Frog.