Ubuntu 16.04 VS 18.04 for Wordpress

(Enjoy Your Life) #1

Hey Friends,
Which one is best for WordPress LAMP Server and Why?


(Ultra Noob) #2

I prefer 18.04 version. Here’s why

(Enjoy Your Life) #3

I heard about Ubuntu 18.04 sends users data to Ubuntu server.


If it is sending server’s hardware, software, packages etc. details, then there is an option to disable it as well!



(Enjoy Your Life) #5

Can we upgrade existing 16.04 to 18.04 without breaking our Wordpress Site?

Or we should create a new server then restore the site on it.

(Ultra Noob) #6

You can upgrade via Terminal.

(Enjoy Your Life) #7

OK thanks, I will try to create a new server with 18.04 Ubuntu. Don’t want to go into the trouble. So better to play safe game.