Ultimate Guide to Optimize Blogger Image

Today I found an article about blogger image optimisation. Actually, I am in search for how to upload WebP image in blogger for one of my client and found this article.

After reading this article you can control blogger image in any way “Reality can be whatever, you want”.


Just upload image to blogger and change its URL according to guide. Blogger automatically convert jpg/png to webp by simply replacing “jpg/png” with “webp” in the end of URL.

Here some other things you do with blogger images by simply editing image URL.

  1. Set Cache period
  2. Convert png/jpg to webp,jpg,png,svg
  3. Compress image
  4. Resize image
  5. Crop image

You can do all above thing by simply editing image URL.

Source: https://www.freshtechtips.com/2018/09/edit-customize-blogger-blogspot-images.html


Try this way remove image name but still image will load.

Blogger store image like this https://1.bp.blogspot.com/xxxxxxxx/xxxxxxxx/xxxxxxxx/s320/baby.png

s320 is a crop section and baby.png is the upload name. But blogger load image without baby.png.