Unable to index images in Google webmaster


In that case, god bless me that i kept the really simple ssl plugin even though it was not much needed. Otherwise it would have been a disaster.


Really Simple SSL plugin is like Real time find and replace plugin, remember how we did for AMP? Similarly, it does for fixing mixed content.


Hmm, I remember I did this with Valvet Link replace plugin when I switched to HTTPs because of insecure errors, and Hitesh probably missed it as he never had insecure error.

I did this after Cloudways, because their HTTP to HTTPS redirect is a piece of crap.


but if it were not there then all links would have shown http instead of https. Anyways, i am glad the confusion is over.

Also - @BihariLala - Sitemap should index all images. i will still see what is wrong by asking yoast.


it’s not neccessary, depends on theme, and my theme supports, but i still have it through Yoast, I won’t remove it as it could be another distaster.


Worth to say; Velvet is awesome, light weight plugin. I truly like it. What Better Search and Replace takes my 3 minutes, Velvet do it same in few seconds. Great plugin, it works well at cheapest shared host. :four_leaf_clover:


I found Better search and replace complicated, while Velvet is simple click and go :stuck_out_tongue:


Chalo. Good night guys. Going to crash. Thanks a lott for the help!!


Good night :slight_smile:


@BihariLala @GulshanKumar @Pramod During migration, there was an htaccess file created in wp-content/uploads/ folder which was blocking all access to googlebot and not allowing content to be indexed. cloudways removed that htaccess file yday and traffic up by 15% :slight_smile:


How did you think/find that you have another htaccess? :confused:


I didnt. Cloudways had given up and said that if my wp-content/uploads folder is not accessible by google, then that has to be tested by me and not by them.

I wrote this to sucuri. Saying that problem is not from server then it must be from firewall. Sucuri guys, being the smart people that they are, immediately shared actual logs showing that google was approaching my server but was being blocked.

I shared those logs with cloudways. And they then detected the htaccess in the folder. I always write how brands can satisfy customers so much that the customers become “brand advocates”. For sucuri and MAXCDN, i will always be a brand advocate. If cloudways had not proved that you can be faster then KINSTA, then i would have been a brand advocate for kinsta.

But because of one single thing i dont love cloudways. Control is in the hand of the server managers, and there is NO ANALYSIS given to us. If u want to find out 404 errors or 500 errors, you have to read the server logs line by line. There is no syslog for the same. But the speed is damn fast!


I don’t know, How is Cloudways working now? Previously I had tested it 3 times never faced such type problem after migration.


I faced 2 problems. One with CDN and other with images.


The CDN problem is not a hosting issue, It happens when you’re using a CDN behind the Proxy.


No. Keycdn was working fine with sucuri. The problem was some compatibility issue between the cdns and cloudways.


During migration, there was an htaccess file created in wp-content/uploads/ folder which was blocking all access to googlebot and not allowing content to be indexed.

If the upload folder access is blocked for Google bot then the cdn access will have also blocked by htaccess file.
So it seems the main problem was created by htaccess file. Now the cdn will also work after the removal of this.


To fix, we can purge once CDN. So, it can fetch again instead of serving HIT error page.


Yes, remember this thing, when I start using cloudflare and image was not loading from cdn. To complete fix: clear cache from Cloudflare, cache plugin and CDN Cache at the same time.


Ok. This really makes sense. That is why the CDN problem was there probably.

But the update is - It seems SUCURI firewall already serves static content from its firewall. So basically, i do not need a CDN for static content. Sucuri delivers that from its super POPS. I had a question that they have only 6 POPs whereas other CDN providers have so many.

But after weeks of being on sucuri, it seems sucuri CDN is far more superior. Their explanation was “LESS IS MORE”. They said that lesser cdn’s mean all pops have the file cached and delivery becomes faster. After using KEYCDN and MAXCDN this made sense. Both types of cdn had many pops but the cache was fewer. The site is blazing fast right now with cloudways and Sucuri!