Underscore WordPress Starter Theme; Do you Know about it?

I have found this interesting theme :slightly_smiling_face: for WordPress from the source code of the website howtogeek.
This is the theme

It is made by the same company AUTOMATTIC INC. that has made WordPress.Org. So, dear WordPress experts of this forum, try out this theme & let us know here about your experience.

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Yes, already knew it, if you want to build a custom WordPress Theme then it is get way to start with Underscores a.k.a _s.

its the only theme i use

As it is auto generated on the site or have you customized it with manual coding?
( screenshots of frontend looks, if any)

It does not have any styling so you have to customize it (its a base from which to can make your own theme)

The advantage is it is really lightweight so my website loads pretty fast on basic servers.