Unusual categories are indexing


Hello there,
I am using newspaper 9 theme on my site then I see there are 1 category indexing 4 times with different urlsCapture

the urls are like these

https://the digital wise.com /category /top-trending /?filter_by=popular
https://thedigitalwise.com /category /top-trending /?filter_by=review_high
https://thedigitalwise.com /category /top-trending /?filter_by=featured
https://thedigitalwise.com /category /top-trending /?filter_by=popular7

search engines are indexing these pages which have option of select latest post/ best from last 7 etc what can i do please help i didnot get any help online.


Check Yoast settings, title & metas, set noindex for cat.


bro I am using Yoast SEO premium latest version and there is no option of title and metaCapture%203
in search appearance, there is only this option available


Follow this simple guide:


bro I want to index categories but want to deindex these other filter URLs which my theme is creating like above URLs example.


Remove those URLs from search console and then wait… they should not be indexed in the next crawl hopefully. :thinking:


arey vaaah bhai thankyou ye jo categories k filters lge hai theme mein vho index pta nii kyun ho gye isko remove kr dunga tho dubara nii honge index i hope thankyou


URL Removal tool will help you. That’s a good solution.

But if the problem persists…

You can try the following in your robots.txt file

User-agent: *
Disallow: /category /top-trending /?filter_by=*


Disallow directive in the robots.txt is not an ideal way for the noindex.

Pages may still remain indexed in the SERPs.

Here’s more details: https://support.google.com/webmasters/answer/93710?hl=en


@GulshanKumar … thanks for pointing that out. :blush:

But what if the pages are being dynamically generated with URL parameters? Such as in-site search pages or other filtering operations.