Update WordPress to PHP7.3

Hello Friends,

Kindly help me with precaution methods and procedures to update PHP Version for WordPress to PHP7.3…

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Before We can guide you please let us knows are you using VPS or Cpanel/Any Control Panel based servers?

Using cPanel in Dedicated Server.

  1. Test compatibility of existing Plugin
  2. Give a try!

I think by this way.
(If worked for me when WordPress warns me to update PHPv )


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I tried switching version to PHP7.2, but the browser thrown an error “This version of PHP is not supported”.

Then you need to revert back.

Yes, current version is PHP 7.0. What should I have to do to update PHP Version?

which browser?
Have you updated your browser version?

Browser version has nothing to do with PHP version


Can anyone help me to upgrade PHP version?

Hello MyilRaj,

  • WordPress officially recommend PHP 7.3
  • You need to ensure that your all Themes and Plugins are compatible with PHP version.
  • Check WordPress error logs to find any possible cause that is preventing its use.