Upgrading PHP and MYSQL

Is it safe to upgrade PHP and MYSQL to the latest? PHP 8 and MySQL 10.4? I am using wordpress right now. Currently, abit scared to upgrade.

I am using famous plugin such as yoast, wprocket, generatepress theme

I still find lots of plugin not compatible with php 8

It’s 100% safe following these steps.

  1. Create a clone of current server.

  2. At cloned server, you can upgrade and see how it goes.

  3. Point domain to cloned server IP

  4. Test everything

  5. If all looks good, do update at your original server.

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is it safe to just put php 7.4? hack attack? malware?

PHP 7.4 is stable at the moment. It will receive security supports till 28 Nov 2022.

According to web performance analysis data from Kinsta, PHP 8.0 is 18.4% faster than 7.4
So it’s worth upgrading. :slightly_smiling_face: