Urgent help! Is my website hacked?

Hey guys some minute ago I accessed putty. There I see restart required so I ran the following command.

Sudo reboot

then I cleared the cache

then I visited the URL of my website. And it is redirecting to me different sites. Can you check plz.


I checked in the Edge and Chrome browser. Everything seems fine to me. Thanks

When you checked?

Actually, I just deactivate a plugin. And everything is ok now.

Still @GulshanKumar how can check the whole website for any malicious site.

I checked just before writing response here…

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By the way it is solved. But how can I check is there any remaining malicious virus.

I have shared earlier a tip… let me find out.

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Yes, you need to follow these steps

Is fear of getting hacked, a common thing among WordPress users?

I’m a blogger user. So, I just need to know this. @GulshanKumar

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Do you have Yuzo Related Posts plugin installed?

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A suggestion to everyone, The internet is fragile
please take your website backup on regular basis.
if any chance website hack or sever crashed, it will be easy to you to get your website back online within few minutes. :kissing:

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Lots of big websites get hacked daily, let alone wordpress blogs.

Once you get popular, you attract lot of attention. It’s common in IT industry,

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Of course, It’s a common thing. You can see the list of issues here

Also, there are many reasons why WordPress can get hacked

- Malware family distribution

What not to do?

  • Avoid Nulled plugin, themes, it may give surprise anytime, no matter who trusted friend/site shared that stuff
  • Avoid using Abandoned plugins (typical sign: Those plugins which miss ‘View details’ link at Plugins page)
  • Avoid using same password everywhere
  • Aboid using common username such as ‘admin’, 'root

What to do?

  • Always keep WordPress, server up to date
  • Always keep backup
  • Use latest PHP version 7.x family, avoid 5.6 unless if you have any critical reasons for it.
  • Invest in reputed, secure web hosting
  • Enable two-factor authentication at your domain, hosting
  • Have a Web Firewall. I think, Sucuri, Cloudflare and DO these are good.
  • Secure your email address, enable TFA
  • Use HTTPS
  • Hide WordPress username
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Yes you are right! This plugin created problem.

@BihariLala talked about the related post that’s why I asking.

@GulshanKumar and @BihariLala Do you have a solution to add related post functionality without a plugin.

I know there are lots of tutorial on the internet but I am using GeneratePress theme. And I tried many times but I am unable to place code In right position.

Actually, GeneratePress single.php has quite different loops as compared to other themes. That’s why it is hard to place the code. However, some month ago I had done it. Unfortunately, I forget the way I did it.


This plugin is hacked and now removed from WordPress directory.