URL showing not secure even for active HTTPS

(imamit) #1

I have a blog, already on https.

When I open my blog in chrome, it is showing

"Your connection is not private, Attackers might be try to steal your info like passwords and all"

(now who will enter to this blog if someone saw such message, because of this my traffic lost from 4000 to 1000 :cold_sweat:)

After that I need to click on the Advanced the below that page and need to click on the "proceed to mysite(Unsafe)"

So my questions are-

  • is this because I am using nulled theme? because I have another blog with paid/genesis genuine theme and that blog has not https active, still I did not get any warning for this blog, it is opening from anywhere, even from my office.

  • Even the blog is on HTTPS(Bluehost free certificate) why it is showing Not Secure to the URL? this one also, i doubt due to nulled theme.



(I am a love charger) #2

please change theme, deactivate plugin and check again.

(I am a love charger) #3

or your SSL expired?


Hi Amit,

I will be definately helping with you that. Would be possible to share your website URL?


(imamit) #5

I saw that the SSL has been expired, i will connect with the bluehost team and will resolve it.

Pls. check the PM for blog URL

Thanks a lot for help

(imamit) #6

Also, I opened my blog after 1 month. I am sure this is the reason for the traffic drop. My certificate has been expired on 20th April 2018

1-19th April traffic 2400
20-30th Traffic 250 only

Because the users were not able to access the URL and also by looking at the warning nobody want to open the blog.


To avoid this problem in future, you may set auto renew.

(imamit) #8

Actually it is set to auto renew but I am not getting why Bluehost is not renewed it. I am talking with the support team now.

(imamit) #9

HTTPS certificate is enabled now and I saw a increase in real time users, also the traffic is increasing. Due to this 45 days I lost almost 8000 UV.:sweat:

Now, I have set the reminder of renewal of certificate.


I’d recommend using cloudflare (or letsencrypt if you’re self hosted) to manage your SSL, both require only one time setup and your SSL works (and renews) automatically.

(imamit) #11

I will check that tonight.

Thanks for recommending.

(Mr. Potter) #12

No. But you shouldn’t use nulled themes.

(imamit) #13

Yeah, I am going to buy the new theme soon.