URLs not Indexing in Bing

How can i fix this issue? URLs not indexing in bing.

Redirected URL’s can’t be indexed. Only the destination URL will be index if it meets with the criteria.

How can I fix this? all of my articles are redirecting when I published an article?

I think here nothing to fix. Because your already indexed URLs is now redirecting to new one. So, the indexed links will be updates in Bing SERPs very soon.

I wonder how you got Adsense approval for your website. BTW! Which theme you’re using on your blog, it looks similar to HowToGeek.

I am thinking Http and Https problem. I have http://site.com in bing webmaster tools.

Can I remove the site from bing webmaster? and add https://site.com

Removing the previous one will not add any further result for indexed URLs (Until you use Noindex robots meta or Block Bing Bot using Robotx.txt file)
Yes, you can add any site in Bing Webmasters to monitor it’s search preferences from Bing.

I’m getting like this. How can i fix this? When I publish a new article.


  • Go to WordPress settings > reading
  • Make sure it’s uncheck for discourage search engine indexing
  • Check source code, robots.txt, and make sure you don’t have blocked bing
  • Scan your site for security
  • Test with Bingbot user-agent