Use of Dynamic Date Good or Bad for SEO?


I am using Dynamic Date on my WordPress post title. Using this will have any negative impact on the SEO side of things?

Is it a good practice to add dynamic dates like that using shortcodes? Will google bots see the shortcode or the dynamic date itself?

Thanks in Advance

Usually we have three types of timestamp for every article in our blog.
They are:

  1. published date/time
  2. modified date/time
  3. updated date/time

For SEO benefits, we can show our users the last modified date in the pages. Instead, adding Dynamic Date will affect your SEO. Because article published date should be the real date of publication and it cannot be changed.
This helps Google to understand how old is your article (indirect authority related stuff) was?
You can customize your theme to show last modified date instead if you want to improve your SEO…

I am talking about date in the title. I am having last modified date enabled in my theme and i don’t change published date.

Like use the shortcode [year] with custom script

Give a try and see how it goes.

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