Using Filler Content to Make Article Longer

Filler Content which is not really useful to the query but somehow related to the topic of Article.
I have seen many Websites use Filler Content to make Article longer.
But I always thought that how does it affect the reader’s experience and that’s why I hardly use filler content and jump straight to the point.

What’s your opinion, Do you use Filler content or not? and Should we use it?

Avoid it.
Google first and major ranking factor is relevance. It doesnt matter if your content is 1000 word or 5000word. If 1000 word articles answers the query perfectly by going indepth then it will rank better anyday.
The most ideal length would be anywhere between 1000-4000 words depending upon the query. For broader topic you want ro go deep and for specific questions you want to keep it an 1500 words usually.
Say you end up writing 10000 words which i have tried, just to fill the page and increase length.
What google does is say only 1000 word was relevent. They will consider that the first 1000 word is the total Length of the article. Ignoring everything after that!
So here you go!

@saurav_556 I also use Filler Content. Because, I write How to articles that roughly reach 500 words. Any tips for me?

How to contents are the easiest to strech.
My how to post usually ladts between 1500-2500 words.
Here are some tips with example:-
Say you are writing about how to catch a bass fish?

  1. Begin with a short intro where you explain the process in a zeast and end with a hook. Something like I have tried a variety of techniques but there was one amazing trick that changed everything. Then begin with step by step
  2. Start a how to guide with headings in place first.
  3. add 2-3 subpoints where applicable.
  4. You can also begin with list of items and why it is needed in the process.
    5)Add benefits or why the above process is the best way to achieve the goal.
    6)You can also make the guide situation wise if applicable. Like adding tipfor example:
    Tips to catch a bass after a hail storm
    Tips to catch a basss with xyz lures.etc.
    There are numerous more ways to stay in topic and still add length to a post.
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Can we use call-to-action sentences at the end of the post to increase its length?

Things like :

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