Using Google Analytics Locally to Improve Page Speed Score


PHP File isn’t updating Google Analytic Js.
I added both file above as you say and It was done on 23th sept and when i check last Modified Header of analytic Js It shows same date no Modification from that day. But PHP File Have to Update it everyday


Because you are using Cloudflare.

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What it means?
It cached?


I think so. It could be. Try purging it.

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I purge cache and check again and it showing same old date


Please avoid it then.


Oh! Thank you very much!
I did it, change ‘/home/username/public_html/ga-update.php’
‘php /home/username/public_html/ga-update.php’
My website:, wish you success. I moved the ga-update.php file into another folder … It works fine.


Any best way for image optimization on blogger blog…


Hi @Kanth_King Sorry, there is no easy way for the Blogspot / Blogger blog.