Using Google Fonts Locally

(Serdar) #1


Which one do you prefer on your website?

  • Using Fonts Locally
  • Using Fonts with Google CDN

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Consider these conditions before voting please:

  • Pagespeed
  • CPU Using
  • Cache

Local fonts may be better for page speed but Google Font could be cached already on users (browser cache). So I can’t decide it.

Or If we use all fonts via Google CDN, It creates too many external requests.

(Ultra Noob) #2

I don’t use Web Font at all. But, if I consider I may prefer locally …

(Serdar) #3

Which font do you use on GK blog bro?

(Ultra Noob) #4

Segoe UI

(Serdar) #5

50% and 50%

Nobody can decide it :smiley:


Now changed! :smile_cat::smile_cat::smile_cat:

(Ultra Noob) #7

Because both has own pro and cons…

Locally: Privacy focus, no extra DNS lookup, better load time if served via CDN with HTTP/2.

External: Bandwidh saving, a little impact on the load time, some time you may get benfited with browser cache for the common fonts.

(Serdar) #8

What about loading query from Google CDN bro? As more sites load query from Google CDN, more users already have the file ready. (1 year browser cache by Google).

I think using query from Google CDN and hosting Google fonts locally will be best option.

So, I vote for first option finally :smiley:

(Ultra Noob) #9

I prefer everything locally, to prevent cost of DNS lookup, privacy, Censorship, etc.