Using HTTPS in WordPress without Really Simple SSL Plugin



For every little thing, why rely on a plugin?

I see a common thing, what most beginners do for having HTTPS are

  1. Getting SSL Installed from hosting team
  2. Install & activate Really Simple SSL plugin, and done.

Wow! Amazing shortcut. :slight_smile:

However, I don’t want you rely on a shortcut and never learn anything new that how you can use HTTPS for WordPress even without using “Really Simple SSL” plugin.

This plugin does below things

To remove properly

Required: SFTP access.

  1. Login to WordPress

  2. Go to plugin list

  3. Deactivate and Delete “Really Simple SSL plugin”

  4. Now, WordPress will be logged out automatically. No need to fear. Get ready to login to SFTP.

  5. Edit wp-config.php file, and add this code before

/* That's all, stop editing! Happy blogging. */

  1. Force HTTPS using .htaccess
  2. Now go to WordPress Dashboard > General Settings
  3. Update Site URL and Home URL in the HTTPS version
  4. Last, you need to do Search and Replace. You can use “Better Search & Replace” plugin which will do this job efficiently. You must know basically that you need to replace HTTP version link to the HTTPS.

:warning: Caution: Using Better search and Replace can be problem with some theme (Example: OptimizePress).

:warning: If you have any theme/plugin based on premium licence, you must have valid key before proceeding as reactivatation may be required.

:warning: It is strongly recommended to take backup before proceeding. Ref: screenshot

That’s all. You never need “Really Simple SSL” plugin again. I hope this helps.


Thanks & Regards,

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Sir, Why you removed the adsense ads unit from the forum?
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Thanks for your kind words. Currently, this forum traffic is normal, AdSense won’t pay me anything. I am looking for better way to monetize.


Yeah! You are right there. I did not consider that fact :slight_smile:


Update: added clear warning message when to avoid using Better Search Replace plugin. see here