Using Updraft plus for migration?


Is it a good idea to use Updraft plugin for migraton while changing hosts?
Anyone will like to tell their experience (P.S. I donot want to use duplicator)


I use updraft every time, lately I have been changing hosts quite often never had an issue :wink:

Just don’t delete your previous server before migration is completely done, in case anything goes wrong.


If Your theme supports settings export, You don’t really need updraft plus

Just export through WordPress Export function built into the Tools menu.

And export theme settings using it’s relevant menu.

Both will import and replicate 1:1 on other host and retain all of their properties.


Hello dear,

I have met these three plugins which were most helpful for the backup of WordPress.

Since my site size is small, I feel UpraftPlus is the most reliable option for me. It let me take automatic backup with Google Drive and it’s a peace of mind for me.

May be I am little biased :wink: for UpdraftPlus, a free plugin with my experience…

Well, a good thing deserves shoutout, and I do roast as well for crappy thing.

You can use it for small WordPress site which is nearly 1-2 GB.

In my experience, UpdraftPlus works well when you have quality hosting where no crappy limitation exist.

There are two specific case, when I would feel afraid trying UpdraftPlus

  1. I would’t recommend UpraftPlus for bigger site like 15 GB. In that case, you should try another method.

  2. If the host is shared hosting, specially “G”. That resumption message… Omg no!!! :boo:

At HGK, previously I have covered few articles you may find interesting.

Beginner guide

Pro Guide

I hope this helps. If you have any other question, please feel free to ask @gulshankumar.

I am always there to assist.

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With wordpress export function images are not exported.


Images are imported properly if you select import media checkbox during import.


Buddy I tried it some time ago to move my site content to different host but unfortunately my images were not exported. Even though I checked the media box.


I have exported over 100 sites this way without a fail so definitely there was something wrong with the way you proceeded with import.


Are theme and other plugins also installed using the export/import feature?


No, definitely not.


Plugin settings are also not exported?


Plugin settings are exported if plugin is present on both installs.


Any ways thanks. So why would someone use updraft to move site if wordpress default export feature does the job? Any thing special or for some other reason?


Updraft plus is for those who are not good at migrating or don’t understand it.
what it does is that it backs up all the files & database to be migrated to the new host.

If there is one thing that isn’t supported on the second host, there is a chance that restore won’t work. However, default export/import process will make sure that all the data is migrated from old host to new despite a theme/plugin/setting being available or not.


Unused updraft plugin many times. I faced few problems while doing migration.
1.It sometime not able to able to complete the uploads and stopped.
2. What is there others folders for ?? I saw it’s inside uploads folder is there.
3. Many times uploads folder get stucked while restoring it.
4. When deployment not successful in one time then it will not be successful.
I faced this issue many times.

Once when same thing happened and site was live without uploads then I manually went using file zilla in digital ocean and manually copied that uploads inside it.
Then my site got images and files got back

Rather that exporting from All in one wo migration is tough because download breaks many times and resume doesn’t support.
If it is successfully exported then it is easy to import on new wordpress.