Valuable Inventory - Scraped Content Issue For adsense

I am applying my 7-8 month old blog for adsense , earlier while applying to adsense i got messages about Under constructions and all now i am getting this

i have checked few of my posts and that are not scrapped, checked through Plagiarism tools and they showed 70-90% original post.

can any one help …?

Coping content & rewriting them is strictly prohibited by AdSense. Best solution will, write articles by own. :writing_hand:

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i am not copying content from anyone, i juts gather gather information from various sources and then write it, everyone does the same.
i checked the Checked through Plagiarism tools and it showed 70-90% original post

It is considered as copied!


Learn how to write first, then rewrite all your articles and then apply for AdSense.

let me give you an example, imagine you have to write a article about the specification, features and review of newly launch phone, take VIVO Z1 Pro for example.
How do you write it …?
By looking at news articles or youtube videos , you can’t get the specifications details directly from them. @Saksham

@Saksham can you give me link to any article which is 100% original …?

Way of writing can be different but idea and information are same for too many posts.

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Everyone’s idea may different but reality must same.
Looks like your website is all about jobs.
For jobs website, data will remain same but try to a different way of writing.


I would suggest, avoid showing Advt on 404 page.

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its not a job website, the screenshot is from google

Write long form well researched articles before applying for AdSense. Also, make sure your site has all the important pages. For every site they review manually for approval. Your site should meet their criteria to serve ads.

From your screenshot and other info , I see that the problem is with your content or 404 pages.

Was you Blog live? sarthijobs .com is expired on 29-06-2019 and is pending renewal or deletion.
Report by GoDaddy.

@Rohan_Kumar I have a trick through which you can directly copy whole content but still, you won’t be caught by Google.

But, do not expect decent traffic and rankings.

BTW! Plagiarism is likely to occur in the niche of your website. If you’re talking about the blog, you told me about 7 months ago. There’s nothing you can do about it.

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Check the Tutorials category of my blog. Everything is written on my own. Reference taken from Youtube videos for some articles.

That site is perfectly fine :blush:

Exactly !! Post of new blogs are also written by my own, by taking facts and reference from youtube

i told earlier , the screenshot is from google

Then why Google mention the expired site?

bro… the screenshot is from google

In the screenshot, Google mentioned the Expired Site only. Where is the site you mentioned?