Versions of site should be added bing search engine


It is suggested to add all versions of website like http://www, etc to google websmater. What about bing webmaster should we add all four verisons?? And how to add??


Search Engine - Webmaster tool recommend adding these all versions as web properties.

How to add?

  • Login to your Search Console

  • Add all website versions one by one.

More details


I dont see how to add in bing :thinking:

  1. Sign in to Bing via Microsoft account


  1. Now follow this written information


Yup i added www only one but another how to add that is confusing in bing?


I will check and update. Meanwhile you can try same way for other three versions like you added www version.


In Bing it is not necessary to add other versions. Just update the sitemap with the preferred version.


Forget make sure your site is indexed in dogpile & DuckDuckGo they are the next big thing in search engines… bing will eventually die down…


No bro, Bing is a lot bigger than you think.


Strongly agree…

  • Having site indexed in Bing reflect to many other search engines.

  • Having site noindex in Bing reflect noindex in other search engine like DuckDuckGo and many other.

Personal Experience.


Yep, Bing is growing rapidly.


how to add all verisons in bing ?:frowning_face:



Just we need to keep there canonical version of site URL.


Thanks for update @gulshankumar


You’re welcome!