Vesta Control Panel | Is it Good to use?

Anybody Here Use Vesta CP?
I want to Use it on vultr ? Any review?

Yes, it’s quite good.
The best part about it is Open-Source and Free.

It’s very lightweight and secure.

Installation procedure :

It’s quite easy to install

Just open SSH and use as root user

First download the vesta cp setup file through the command below :

curl -O

Then run the setup command :


That’s it you’re done!

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VestaCP has faced multiple security issues.

Such tool, once become popular they change their pricing model.

Just avoid it.

its good… and lightweight on server…

but dont just install and forget it.

you need to do some security hardening from your side… then its perfect for production purpose.

I used it in past. It was fast, the panel looks like some amateur made it but it do the work and it is free!

But then I woke one day and saw that Digitalocean closed my server because of serious security exploit in vestacp, not me but every server running on vestacp was killed and Digitalocean totally failed to handle all the customer complains.

DO cannot be held responsible for any security issue arised due to third-party software. You get root access with Droplet, therefore you are highly responsible to take care from yourself. Keeping server online and providing unmanaged server, resources is their goal. They cannot offer any technical support, and I would never expect from them because it is usually slow now a days.

I am not blaming DO, I am just saying that they failed to handle the barrage of complains. They even sent a guide in hurry to fix the issue which was wrong.

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Obvious thing.

If really need WordPress running in DO, I think installing web stack self is better than anything - be it one click installer or any shortcut medium. I would prefer avoid VestaCP / ServerPilot / RunCloud / etc at all costs.

Yes. Doing it on your own is best.