Video voice over

I want to voice -over my course videos. Checked some websites but nothing is useful.
Does anyone know the video voice-over technique?

There are lots of Gigs on Fiverr which does…

That is very costly 150 words for $50.
And I have to creates about 100+ videos having 2000-3000 words.

You may contact someone and negotiate by asking for the ‘custom offer’ based on your requirements.

I have asked but it would be very costly to get completed.


Can u do it?

Check this video by me and tell me is it fine. So, I can do it for you.
@Ankur But do not start ignoring me after confirming that you want my service. You always do this. You first ask me and then ignore all my messages.

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Video unavailable.

Open in new tab

Copy link and open in new tab. I have blocked embedding and playing on other websites.

No, i need professional voice.
I also have voice like this. :frowning_face:

What’s that

american accent

BTW! What about this?

Check this

I need Indian accent

Not playable

Then, what’s the issue. What you mean by Professional voice.