Video voice over

@Ankur ignoring again

I never ignore you or anyone
But if anyone doesn’t fit to my requirements then what can I do.

Now tell me, Does your voice fit to the standards I require?

Can anyone explain me what’s the difference between his voice and mine video’s audio.

But at least you confirm and give the reason. That’s a professional way to talk and deal with someone.

@Ankur Ignoring someone’s messages shows unprofessional behavior

A lot of difference but main is processional and unprofessional.

sorry for the same if it hurts you :pray:
But it was not a business deal on forum.

No need to sorry. But you should at least give him a reason and talk straightforward. That’s it.

Be clear at your point. Hope you understand what I trying to say. :slightly_smiling_face:

I don’t remember any particular thing therefore i said sorry.
Now leave that and come to the point.

Buy a Good Quality MIC…

Mic itself can’t do everything.

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Don’t mind but you lack enthusiasm in your voice. It’s monotone and people can’t bear that for very long.
You have good spoken english skills and with little more energy you can definitely do better.

You live in a cave or what?

Don’t you have any people around who can help you?

If you have money, you can hire someone online, but if not then it’s time to make some good friends because as an entrepreneur you should have good social network and know how to get the work done.

Which tool are you using for screen recording?

You want male or female voice?