Voting: Rankmath Vs. Yoast SEO

Vote anyone by their results.

According to your experience, Which one works best for in terms of normal SEO rankings on Google?

  • Yoast SEO
  • Rankmath SEO
  • I don’t use any SEO plugin.

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If you have used both or switched from one to another one then would like to hear the experience.

I had yoast long ago… I removed it and yet my traffic didn’t change.
The new site of mine has crossed 100k pv a month with no seo plugin.

They only do 5% if stuff. But if any update of their mess something your site suffers more than that. Like a bug on yoast deindexed a lot of posts in the past. So, here you go!

Pick your side.


That’s amazing. :muscle:

so what plugins you use on that new site?

None. I don’t need an seo plugin.

If anyone not using a SEO Plugin, please be informed that WordPress create a lot of chances where you can have indexed too many things which you may not want to avoid thin pages or crawl budget abuse.

  1. Media attachment page for each uploaded img. If clicking on images redirect to attachment there is a chance Google can index it.

  2. Pagination Archives

  3. Tags

  4. Categories

  5. A custom post type


What I suggest crawling site with tool like ScreamingFrog and keep eye on the discovered URLs.


i think its also right think my brother.

but in other way, some article disappear from google is because of wht?


Thanks for this very informative and actionable forum.

Please share your views / guidance on managing a Woocommerce store using Yoast SEO:

  1. How to deal with pagination - /page/5/, etc?
  2. How to deal with feeds - /feed/ ?
  3. Prevent crawling of tags + pagination - /product-tag/boy/page/3/ - I have already set Show Product tags in search results? = OFF in Yoast settings

Thanks a lot!

I prefer not to index pagination.

By default, Google doesn’t index RSS feed. You can keep it noindex. It is just used by crawler for finding new content.

Indexing a specific product page is better, or a primary category or tag. But indexing too many pagination doesn’t make any sense.

Thanks a lot for sharing your inputs. It would be great if you could guide further basis my additional points below:

The reason I am seeking your guidance is because I found very little information SPECIFIC to Woocommerce and SEO. Most information on the internet is for WordPress and not specific to Woocommerce.

I really appreciate you taking time out to guide me on this!

Take care, stay safe!

I will suggest RankMath as it gives more data insights.
You can also view more SEO plugins here